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About Us

Our team is committed to providing exceptional service starting with your first email or phone call and extending beyond the completion of your school. All of our instructors are PGA and LPGA members and have an average teaching and playing experience of 15 years. Our veteran staff is comprised of LPGA and PGA Class A instructors, previous tour players, and Top 25 instructors. They are dedicated to helping you improve your game and making sure you have fun in the process. They are genuinely concerned that you have a fantastic experience at the school.  

We have been in the golf school business since 1999.  In that time we have come to realize that each student is unique and to group four, five and six students in a class and expect maximum results was unrealistic.  In group classes you are only receiving a fraction of the instructor’s time, where as in our 1:1 setting you receive all of his time.  You go at a pace that is comfortable for you in a relaxed environment.  You are involved in structuring your program, focusing on parts of the game that you need the most help with.  We have concluded that our students benefit most from individual attention, that they achieve maximum results when they have more time with their instructor, working on all aspects of the game but focusing on the areas that they really need help with.  We have found that the student learns faster in this 1:1 setting than in a group setting.

Our goal is to help you play better and to understand why.  We provide you with the ability to recognize swing faults and self correct when practicing.  We will build on your strengths and you will learn how to practice more effectively.  You will leave with a better understanding of your swing and the tools for continued improvement and consistency.


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