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Gift Certificates

An Executive Golf School is the perfect gift for any special occasion. Whether it is given for a holiday, birthday, anniversary, graduation or as a corporate gift nothing says congratulations, thank you or you care like an Executive Golf School gift certificate. Gift certificates are also great to use as sales incentives to motivate and reward employees.

Executive Golf School offers two different options when purchasing a gift certificate. You can purchase a traditional gift certificate, available in any denomination. This way you choose the amount you would like to give towards a golf school and then the recipient can choose the location, program and how many days he/she would like to attend.

You can also purchase a gift choosing a specific location, program, number of days and you can decide if you would like to include accommodations with the school. We are very flexible when it comes to redeeming the gift certificate; recipients are not locked into the location you chose for them. They can change the location, the program, add school days, or opt to include accommodations or add extra nights at the hotel. They would just pay the difference in pricing, if applicable. Recipients don’t have to use the gift certificate all at one time-- if a five day school was purchased they can take a three day school and come back for two days later in the year or the following year.

Gift Certificates can be emailed or sent through the mail with our brochure. You can also order the premium gift package which includes the gift certificate, brochure and a hat and shirt with the Executive Golf School logo. Express delivery is available for last minute gifts.

You can purchase a gift certificate online by clicking here.

Alternately, if you do not feel comfortable using your credit card online, please fill out the form below and a representative will contact you within 24 hours for your credit card information. You may also call us at 800-651-5058 for instant gift certificate purchases.


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